International Nurses Career

As a Nurse you have studied and worked hard and earned the most demanding profession of a Nurse. Some are already working outside their country, location, language and culture. Thus you have earned additional skills and knowledge in language, culture and working environment to be an international nurse. You may have worked already in different countries earning the quality and skills of an International Nurse. For an international career in Australia, USA, NZ, Canada UK, Ireland we welcome you to join our International Nurses Career. This is for you and we acknowledge your excellent ability to deal with different situations, nationalities and culture.


FROM 2001 we welcome Nurses from ASIA by recruiting them to Australia. With proven record we welcome you to work in Australia. Our specialty and experience is training in English Language in different parts of India, placement for training in Australia, and job placement with proven track record. Come for free counseling. We Co-ordinate all of the above for you or Send your resume and we will process your case professionally with professionals and accredited agencies.

How to reach Australia?

Australia is a beautiful country with plenty of opportunities for health professionals. All our nurses who arrive through us are having good jobs and well settled. It is a nice country to live and give education to your children. If you are living overseas and belongs to open for the Asian country is that to provide with the certificate of English language. This is mandatory. For details on evidence of English please visit the Site of ELIP Academy or the Nursing board site for full details.

Occupational English Test (OET)

For Nurses and all health professionals with 'B'(one sitting) or above in all four modules. For details click on 'OET' on the tool bar above.
Academic score of not less than 7 in all modules. For clubbing method in NZ, Uk, Australia Contact us.
Training in Australia

For nurses who are recommended for adaptation they can join in Universities or Hospitals for their adaptation program. If you are recommended by a Nursing board or council please contact immediately for a placement for training program. For interview and immediate placement any of the below contact E-LIP Academy with your full details

Comparison of Nursing in India and AUSTRALIA

In India you need 4 or 5 years to complete a Nursing Degree. But in Australia you need only 3 years and start earning 20 Lakhs per year from 4th year. For your all migration matter and visa processing please contact our consultant a Registered migration agent Antstone Consulting.

Meet and greet program

Upon arrival in Australia "Meet and Greet" service by Pius Australia Services AUSTRALIA

After Arrival

Upon Employment with hospital, On request arrange

Who should apply?

• Must be willing to work anywhere in Australia including country locations.
• Must be able and willing to work in any health care facilities,
• Must be able to work in any shift and grade
• Must be registered and should have a valid visa
• Preference is given those who have a care with a valid driving license
• Preference given to those who have 1 year work experience in Australia
• Must be willing work under sponsor ship on along term basis by honouring the contract.
• For PR application must have registration and experience.
Financial assistance
Bank loan in India for study, bank loan in Australia for house, car etc, if you have job.
Job Offer

T & TC Australia is eligible to provide sponsorship and will give contract to eligible candidate before they leave the country subject to certain conditions. For Job Offer please send your resume and relevant documents to : They will not reply to resumes that are received without proper documents and will not be send back. Please note that they may not reply to invalid application as they are receiving many applications. If you need assistance on how to make a valid application you can contact E-LIP"s s office in COCHIN We do placement to the hospitals as well as a recruiting agency. Many are here so you can also be here. What you need to do it, you do as exactly as these nurses have done.

They Achieved it. you Can Too !!

We do have interview and free counselling at our office and intake every week for all the above courses. Please make sure you approach genuine and experienced agencies such as ours who knows about Australia and the nursing courses. Do not join courses where you are offered with lot of promises and do not give you registration or a permanent visa. The rules change now and then. Check the University and the Nursing board and make sure you do it right for you.


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