Migration NEWS  August 2019

NW TALENT VISA for highly talented skills.

Skill Select Invitations to be issued once a month,visit the ste an make sure you have enough points before EOI

The following message appears on SkillSelect Portal.  

SkillSelect invitation rounds for Skilled - Independent (subclass 189) and Skilled - Regional Provisional (subclass 489) will occur once each month, on the 11th day of each month, effective 11 August 2018. There is no change to the overall number of invitations provided each month. 

How many points  I require to receive Invitation to apply ?

Pass mark will remain at 65 points with certain occupations attracting a higher pass score up to 90. For certain occupation with a point of 65 it is very hard to receive an Invitation to apply. For eg. for IT only above 80 is given Invitation to apply. Check with us the current status and State allocations.  Full list of relevant occupations can be found here: 

For Current minimum points and quota system visit;

Invitation round, Minimum points now 80 for certain skills for ITA - Invitation to apply

Occupation ceilings ( quota for each skill)



Spouse and Dependent Migration


General Skilled Migration


Business Migration


Student Visa Processing

General Skilled Migration

Nurses, Doctors, Physiotherapists, Pharmacists, Radiographers, Dentists, Social workers, Engineers, Accountants, MSW, Engineers, Carpenters, Chefs, Electricians, Fitter & Turner, toolmakers, trade diplomas and professionals etc. around 200 jobs in occupational list for migration. Check your profession or skill is in the list for migration to Australia If you are skilled in any of the above or any other skill contact us to assess your eligibility for migration. Before we take your case we give you in writing what we say. Hundreds of visa processed. True testimonials are available for you to see and believe.

Business migration

Be a part of this rich and beautiful country. Invest and own your own profitable business and migrate with your family. Own either existing or new business or bring your business.

Study and Migrate

Be a part of this intelligent and rich country by being smart to enrol in one of the leading Universities to earn a qualification that is acceptable all around the world. Earn while you study by working 20 hr per week and earn a top salary of $ 40,000/- or above per year by completing your qualification in trade, diploma, degree or post graduation. Choices of Courses and Universities to choose from. Contact our international student councillor and make that decision to be smart. If you have a letter offer we can process your visa as well. Come and talk to us.

Visa processing

For all type of visa processing, advice and guidelines contact us. We provide visa assistance through our registered consultant in Australia. For On-Line consultation please book with one of our centres. Our success rate is 98% and we guarantee professional and quality service. For full details visit our office below or send an email through our website.

New Updates

Migration Points Pass score lift to 65 for EOI.

New visa to attract BEST OF Global Talent.


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